Introducing A Cosmic Mind

We declare ourselves as cosmic couriers, pioneers engaged in exploring future events to enable humanity to lift out and surpass the pending present day melodramatic circumstances. Our work amongst people in society is to act as emissaries assisting in heralding in the light of the New Day and forecasting the entry of planet Earth and its creatures into the Fifth Dimension.

So it is an asset to be futuristic in foresight, prescient even, and we are comfortable in being pronounced as seers able to predict with a reasonable amount of certainty where the paths of circumstance will lead. We are to give assurance to humans on the planet that what they regard as painful in each coming day is turmoil of a reasonably short duration.

Civilizations are being put through a type of whirlpool situation where everything that is of institutional programming is being tossed around in a willy-nilly fashion without carrying due purpose or so it would appear to those caught up in the experience.

The funnelled shape of mysticism ensures that whilst journeying in the tunnel of no return it is dark and mysterious and seemingly endless until everyone is spat out into the bright lights of a future world wonderland.

The darkest hour precedes the dawn to realizing cosmic awareness.

Our role is to explain to people that while some present day happenings may look disastrous it is a prelude to the New Day leading into the Fifth Dimension, hence a predicted awakening into new levels of cosmic awareness. Indeed we are able to show some of the benefits awaiting humankind through web site introductions and internet typing of social media exchange.

We look forward to sending appropriate e-mails to encourage emerging structural players, those who can beneficially influence the somnolent thinking of everyday people, those still remaining as they do in a herd mentality stricture that is taking them nowhere.

We are directed cosmically to write essays on topics of GREATER UNDERSTANDING to lead people out of the mire of swamp material masquerading as knowledge in formal education. Knowledge is not a suitable foundation for promoting a new cosmic life and living free accordingly because it is woefully short on universal memory. Education has acquired a certain influence down through the years through interpreting past experience into rational formats providing mental satisfaction. However, no matter how the human mind sees its position in global affairs today its attempts at comprehending a bigger picture of life still fall short of the target.

What the physical world is about to go through is a maelstrom of cosmic energy intent on creating a new foundation suitable for rearranging the mental patterns of those who are its inhabitants. In the market place today what is seen as real or may appear to be obvious to those caught up in the struggle for survival does not necessarily mean their viewpoint is deemed to be authentic (eg. Opinions vary widely on climate change).

There is an inbuilt staircase in the human brain system available for future learning that allows for an open discussion, a ratification of processed material we call the Product, which far exceeds the extent of school education set in a fashionable vogue that is outdated:

Mind the gaps when attempting to ascend the steps between;
New Mind Awareness
Greater Understanding
Cosmic Intelligence

Who We Are...


Luxor is an initiate of cosmic consciousness trained to demonstrate genius levels of understanding that relay vital passages of information covering past, present and future benefits for humankind. He awakens within the psychic memory talented skills that are in the process of being made available to many gifted people working in harmony on the planet today.

Among friends Luxor is acknowledged as a cosmic seer. Meaning he is consciously made aware of future happenings well before the eventualities occur.

In the year of 1944 a small boy of eight years, born in a small country town called Kingaroy in the state of Queensland, Australia, was asked what he considers he would do when he grew up. His surprising spontaneous answer confounded his questioner.

‘I mean to raise a consciousness level within people thus benefitting all’.

Of course at that time he had no idea or interest in what it was he spoke or where it came from. Now seventy-six years later he is about to realise the promise made through releasing cosmic information held secret from the myriad people occupying planet Earth today.

He uses the pen name of Luxor because it represents the bringing of enlightenment to expand and elevate levels of human consciousness.


Jézel first became aware of her destiny as a channel for cosmic energies in October 1997. A messenger of the Angels, the first channelled voice, spoke through her to tell her of the agreement she made aeons ago in an arena that is beyond space and time.

She uses the pen name of Jézel because the first syllable represents the energy of Christos demonstrated through Jesus two thousand years ago and el represents the energy of Love.

Messengers from the Angels continued to be her early teachers in energy channelling and still play a part in the many support systems involving the shifts of energy necessary on the planet as it continues to move into the realm of the Fifth Dimension. Jézel channels many cosmic entity/energies at work to benefit future outcomes. She continues to expand Love energy, assisting people to understand who they are as they come to terms with their destined future.

Jézel always carried an innate knowing of a greater awareness and how to assist people to work through their areas of problematic difficulties. That work is now in progress and she invites everyone to share in understandings that promote a greater sense of being.

The energy sources involved in shifting Earth and the human species goes far beyond planetary and even cosmic levels. To feel the energy that is in rapport with all will move your very essence to awaken to Love energy. It is a beautiful experience waiting to happen, which we have no hesitation in calling realization.


From an early age he sensed that conformity to the ways of society was restricting. In his teenage years he excelled through minor sporting achievements. In his twenties and thirties he attempted through his studies and work to fit in by using mental/knowledge achievements. At the age of forty he rejected his work place in the material world.

He joined Luxor and Jézel on the Gold Coast to set up a core centre for consultancy with cosmic energies by assisting in the formation of MetaVision Productions.

At present his areas of work cover the continuing development of the informative web sites and other media forms for publication of cosmic material. His developing work area is being engaged as a conduit for the cosmic energy. His cosmic character is in the early stages of further development.

Other known qualities include Mr Fix-it and his flare is expressed through speaking and guitar strumming.

His pen name of D’Taan comes from cosmic family connections.

Metavision Productions

Metavision Productions is an agency primarily set up to assist human awareness in developing a greater understanding of their cosmic heritage, their purpose in living, and their advancement into a New Day and the approaching fifth dimension. The progressive material as presented offers a proper foundation to benefit all engaged in future planning. See about us under Profiles.

Divine Womanhood Representation:

The Face of the Divine Mother Energy​


Satania in female form represents the face of the Divine Mother energy. The face of the Divine Mother was unveiled in November 1996 by the Unnamed One. Now the female energy of wisdom and beauty, long denied to the female inhabitants of planet Earth is now available for reckoning. The fixed plaster cast of glamour, glitz and gloss can now be split asunder revealing the new style of Womanhood, which has always been prevalent, though somewhat lost in the midst of male domination.

The energy of Satania is motivated to link people of all persuasions to move messages of Love onto local and international stages. Do you also have an interest in representing Love energy?

Satania will endorse into being an accord demonstrating the dynamic features of Divine Womanhood, the cosmic aspects of wisdom, beauty, style and grace.


We are here to ignite the essential knowing of Love within the hearts and minds of all people. Our interest is in promoting a communal voice, a more developed understanding of female energy that we declare Divine Womanhood represents. We are purposely ordained and here to share new mind information and make the connection with a greater understanding of intelligence and Love essence.

The energy of Dauphinia was awoken in September 22 2000. It was no coincidence it was dated the spring of equinox. The awakening, as we like to call it, opened a connection to commune with greater energies of cosmic discernment. I, the persona, have experienced hundreds of channelled energy projections through my entire being, downloading me with cosmic information from beyond this planetary system. I have been involved with Metavision since this awakening for more than 20 years and know the download of information I receive is imperative for sharing as humanity moves into the Fifth Dimension.

Love is All