The development of latent mental skills locked in the human brain offers a prelude to the long awaited shifting of global consciousness from the third to the fifth dimension. There is available on request a rearrangement of mental patterning to advance present day knowledge into a greater awareness declared as cosmic understanding.

Quality information of an advanced formula when clearly understood is instrumental in removing impediments from many wayward areas of the human system. The use of drug taking, be it in prescribed or recreational form, is no longer necessary to relieve mental stress and allow peace of mind.

8th September 2021

The human past is beyond recovery and the cosmic past is determining our future ventures. The human brain is shifting into a new slot of conscious awareness we call insula. It is like an overdrive mechanism in psychic memory capable of surpassing human values. So what is seen to be useful in controlling the localized mindsets of people will no longer be able to demonstrate purpose.

So the how, why, when and wherefores, all of the open questions become explainable to those worthy of endorsing and embracing the new mind qualities. In accepting a new born clarity of vision the present day mind and memory moves into receiving a cosmic foundation. When we can accept that planetary life as it is requires a process of rearrangement then our minds and brains will be ready to shift automatically into a new level of cosmic existence.