Love Has No Mirrors

Love is not god

Therefore god cannot be love

The energy that vain humans

Prostrate their selves before

Are reflections from other times

Man lost its memory of self

And became beguiled by images

Love makes no stand

Nor offers faith and hope

No heaven adorns love’s skies

Though we drown in blue, blue seas

All religions are pagan ritual

Mere mockeries, tradition bound

Trapped in their own senselessness

Love has no preference

Her children roam free

The galaxies are their fields

Of endeavour.  No blandishments

Of skilled warriorship impress her

No stories of justification

Appeal to her maternal sense

How long can mankind stand

Outside the door with trembling lip

Determined from their fears

To seek some small advantage

The Mother welcomes you inside

Let go of doubts caused by muddy feet

Love does not see gain from pain

Love does not conquer.  Love waits

by Luxor

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