Many books have I read

Many books have I read

Many paths I’ve been led

To seek the eternal truth

And I’ve heard people say

This or that is the way

Secure in their illusion of proof

They told me of a god

Who gave the devil a prod

Working to enact humility

Some spoke of the lame

Who they seemed to blame

For losing sight of eternity

Each one as they prayed

Lay on a bed they had made

Of faults and fears from belief

They were caught in their pride

No matter how hard they tried

Lies only offered temporary relief

When my footsteps had turned

The one thing I had learned

That nothing existed above

Nor below for that matter

And inane religious chatter

Diminished the feeling of love

Though love is around

It’s not so easily found

Where should one start to begin

It is really quite unfair

When Love’s not out there

The search has to start within

by Luxor

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